One of the more important tasks of SCICOMM is to generate an excitement for STEM to a world full of children, to help them open their minds to a universe full of possibilities. This task is so important – the future of science, gender-inclusive, racist- and sexist-free, is at stake.

Nanogirl Live –  Kids, STEM

K12 program, US Schools

Curious Minds – citizen science projects in NZ

STEM resource list

Harvard Women in STEM resources

STEM Women resources

Lady Science Monthly magazine on women in science

Women in STEM Australia (Twitter)

500 Women Scientists “The mission of 500 women scientists is to serve society by making science open, inclusive, and accessible”

Kid World Citizen – Getting kids interested in STEM   Twitter

Scientists who do climate – Lots of women scientists in this group. Twitter account managed by Katherine Hayhoe

Dr Jess Wade Twitter account, strong advocate for gender and race equality in STEM

ScienceGrrl  celebrating women in science; Titter account

For Women in Science – Twitter acc of women empowering women in science-STEM; website Fondation L’oreal

STEM Ambassadors – Volunteers helping to bring STEM to life

Here are three Women and Careers in STEM links, @

Where Women Study STEM

Women in STEM

STEM careers