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After months of rigorous research and development in our labs located in Tampa, FL, TRŪLABS is the leading provider of the industry’s most extensive CBD products. TRŪLABS utilizes a base of Organic Hemp Seed Oil as well as exclusive raw materials, which puts TRŪLABS CBD and Hemp products into a league of their own and has created a bio-availability matched by no other product in the industry

The patented nanotechnology behind our 100% water soluble hemp oil, means that our sublingual is absorbed directly into the bloodstream at a rate of 18-20 times more than regular CBD. When more of the Cannabidiol (CBD) gets into the body, the more benefits you receive.  Finally, a Pharmaceutical Grade, domestic CBD / Hemp product is available, that is 100% manufactured in the United States. TRŪLABS has all pertinent documentation of clinical trials with data backing our technology, and Certificates of Analysis—all documentation is available upon request.

TRŪLABS provides the highest grade product with the market’s highest value to cost proposition, guaranteed. That’s a TRŪLABS promise.


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