Unravel1 is a verbal, numeric and symbolic contest with consumer and cash prizes (gift cards). You will be given a jumbled list of words that have to be arranged into a sentence, or a set of numbers or a set of alphabet that have to be arranged in a pre-arranged order. Whoever makes the correct/pre-written version of the sentence or the correct arrangement of the numbers/set of numbers or alphabet wins. Be sure to put one space between each word, number/set of numbers or alphabet. You may choose if you want your prize(s) sent either through email or text. Your contact information will not be revealed to the general public. Anyone can compete in Unravel1. There are no age restrictions, and there is no charge/fee to play. As soon as a winner is declared, a new round of Unravel1 with a new list of words, numbers, alphabet or symbols will begin. Best of luck, best of skill.