What your skin needs, is what we’ve got

Do you want silky smooth, supple, sexy skin? If so, we have the answer! Apply this great body scrub, twice a week, and feel the difference!! It’s not recommended to apply the body scrub to your face, because you may end up with crocodile-like skin. If the skin on your face is a problem, we suggest you try out face scrub.

we are 100% against animal testing

What makes us different

Graceful Lilly is very different from any other range on the market right now because Graceful Lilly is hand made from natural products such as coconut oil, coffee beans, coco beans, bees wax and glycerin. Our products are handmade, which means that they are made with the personal TLC that can be offered only through human intervention; your products are made from start to finish by someone who has a vested interest in your well being that can’t be offered by a machine.

Added, extra BONUS

My name is Matthew, and I am a very generous man. I like to give not only money, but also time and service. This of course includes the amount of products I shove in the jars. If the package sticker says “250g” you can bet your bottom dollar that you are getting AT LEAST that amount. As these products are filled by me personally, I like to put in 270g, 280g and even 300g, which means you may be getting 20% extra for free!

"If you really enjoy using our scrubs, please take a photo of yourself doing so and you may find yourself as our next model!"

Chocolate body scrub

Was $30 now $22 for 250 g/ml


Coffee Body Scrub

Was $30 now $22 for 250 g/ml



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For tomorrow's new skin today.

Want fresh, new, baby-like skin?

This is where our products are different from most other products. As you can see, we haven’t gone for the fancy website. Instead we’ve opted for the simple approach, which is typical of our simple skincare products; straight to the point. We cut the jargon and let our products speak for themselves. We don’t need the smoke and mirrors. If anyone has any feed back, we’d like to hear it at info@gracefullilly.com – And we are 100% against animal testing!!