Coffee Body Scrub


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Combined with a gentle moisturising liquid soap, this handmade body scrub is made from natural coffee beans. Please don’t use this one on your face!

The jar itself says “250 ml”, but because these scrubs are handmade, you are guaranteed to get at least 250g. In some cases the jars weigh up to 315g.

The Benefits of Natural Coffee Body Scrub For Skin

A great, handmade coffee body scrub has amazing benefits for your skin. Used a few times a week, a coffee scrub can help tighten your skin, reduce puffiness, exfoliate, and leave your skin looking younger and brighter.

Many people mistakenly hear about coffee scrubs and imagine others taking dry, leftover coffee grounds and rubbing them on their face. This is not a good idea, for many reasons, one of them being it would hurt. Coffee scrubs are not made only of coffee. Instead, when you buy natural handmade coffee body scrub, you are buying a scrub made with quality coffee grounds and other natural ingredients, combined to make an exfoliating and anti-inflammatory body scrub with many benefits.

Benefits of Coffee Body Scrub For Skin

Coffee and antioxidants come together and make magic. When you buy coffee body scrub Australia, you experience the full benefits of this. Antioxidants have been shown to fight free radicals, which slows down premature aging like sun spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. They’ve also been shown to help protect against heavy sun exposure.

When you apply to your skin with gentle circular motions, the sand-like texture gently exfoliates your skin. This washes away dead skin to bring forth the healthy skin underneath. This will rejuvenate and brighten the appearance of your skin and leave you silky-smooth.

Antioxidants and caffeine reduce inflammation. Inflammation shows up in different ways, like red, irritated skin. Coffee body scrub can help tighten the skin, reduce inflammation, and manage inflamed breakouts. Regularly taking good care of your skin can help prevent these products and keep your body in good shape.

Reducing dark circles and puffiness around your eyes is another benefit. Caffeine restricts blood vessels. When applied under the eyes, this can help with puffiness and non-hereditary dark circles.

Tame the effects of cellulite! Yes, this is a benefit many people are excited about it. Caffeine has been known to tighten the skin. This can be great for a lot of reasons, but especially if you want to reduce cellulite or stretch marks. The better care you take with your skin, and the more time you put into regularly taking care of yourself, the younger your skin will look and feel.

What makes the best coffee body scrub? Like any product you use on your skin, you want it to be handmade with the best ingredients. When you buy original coffee scrub in AU, attention to quality makes all the difference. The best coffee beans will give you the full benefits of the caffeine. Shop around for a top brand to make sure you’re getting the full benefits and experience to take the best care of your skin. If you’re going to take the time to exfoliate and take care of yourself, you should do it with the best skin Care products in Australia.

How often should you exfoliate with a scrub? For naturally healthy skin, you should scrub a few times a month. For the best results, it’s a good idea to use the product two to three

times a week. This will wash away the dead skin and increase blood flow under the skin or that healthy, fresh look

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