Original Coffee Scrub –

Made from real coffee beans and gentle soap, this natural cleanser gets rid of the dead skin layers to leave you feeling smooth and refreshed. The idea is to apply to wet skin and leave on for as long as possible to allow the caffeine to work it’s magic. The caffeine will get blood and the collagen moving. If a body scrub isn’t a regular part of your skincare routine, you could be missing out. A natural coffee scrub can deliver cellulite-busting, hydrating, smoothing goodness to your skin.

This natural Coffee Body Scrub has the following ingredients: Natural coffee beans, mild and moisturising soap and glycerine. The idea is to apply to wet skin, leave as long as possible to allow the caffeine and glycerine to work their magic, then wash off with warm water. The ingredients are natural, healthy, and vegan. Your simple scrub is made from natural coffee grounds and a mild soap, combined with glycerine, making them a special treat for your skin. All scrubs and masks have been designed for those with sensitive skin.

Used two or three times a week, coffee body scrub can be applied in the shower or bath, washed off to reveal smoother, sexier, more polished skin. Your skin will feel so good infact, that you will just slide more easily into the romantic satin sheets! The caffeine helps improve the effects of stretchmarks. Coffee, apart from being a natural aphrodisiac, is an astringent than tightens pores. The coffee beans remove dead skin, making it a very useful addition to your natural weekly skin routine. Learning how to massage your face for lymphatic drainage is a great beauty secret and using a coffee scrub will aid the process.
Coffee scrubs are great for blood flow and circulation of hormones generated by the pituitary gland. Make sure to massage in the direction of the heart to boost circulation and improve lymphatic drainage; Users have reported great results. You have the option whether you want to buy the coffee scrub in Cranbourne/Victoria or online.

“Your body is a temple”

To take the best care of body and skin, people often look to natural body products that are 100% natural and 0% artificially made. After a long day out in dirt and dust, what is a perfect product for you while taking a shower? A body scrub that helps you lift all the dirt deep from the skin. The all-natural Coffee or Chocolate Body Scrub is the solution.

Chocolate Body Scrub –

This one is an all time favourite of everybody. With a good combination of real chocolate, gentle coconut soap, cornflour and glycerine, this refreshing aphrodisiac cleanser is bound to keep you coming back for more. This delicious body scrub comes with a complimentary, soft body scrubber is BOUND to get the gonads going!

If you are looking to buy a sexy Chocolate Body Scrub in Australia, then here it is. And to make the purchase even easier for you, you can also buy online in the shop department on this site.

When buying something for personal hygiene, ensure you buy nothing but “Natural.” And this sexy chocolate scrub is made from all the natural ingredients including cocoa (amazing fragrance for the chocoholics out there), glycerine, coconut fragrance and corn flour. We’ll even through in a free body scrubber to help soften and purifying skin even more deeply). Enriched with the right ingredients, you’ll have no question which body products you prefer!

Best for all skin types

Skin type from individual to individual differs, but these products can be used on any skin type. Either your skin is oily, dry or normal—you don’t have to worry while using any of our body scrubs. They will work on any skin types to refresh you by removing all the toxins and oil stuck in the pores of the skin.

How to use either body scrub?

When you decide to buy Coffee or Chocolate Body Scrub, you should know how to use for best results. Firstly, and most obviously, take off ALL your clothes…….

• Make sure to wet your naked body thoroughly before applying scrub.
• Apply scrub onto body and massage in a circular motion using either your hand or the body scrubber we include. The whole idea with the body scrubs is to leave them on your skin as long as possible to allow the glycerin and coconut oils to work their magic!

• After rinsing thoroughly and drying off skin with a towel, follow up by applying moisturizing cream.
• It’s advisable not to use scrub onto damaged, broken or wounded skin.
• For best results, the Coffee Body Scrub should be used 2 or 3 times a week, whereas the Chocolate Scrub can be used as many times as you like.

So, just get either of the handmade natural body scrub made in Australia and enjoy a rejuvenating experience! And being a busy person if you can’t buy physically, you can buy the chocolate coconut body scrub or Coffee scrubs online now. Happy Scrubbing!

What Does My Skin Need?

The first thing you need to do before you purchase any scrub is to determine what your skin sexy needs. For example, if you have extra dry, normal or oily skin or eczema, you’ll want a facial cleanser for sensitive skin. The important thing to remember is not to put any harsh chemicals on your face, whether you have sensitive skin or not. Remember, this is going on your face; natural is best.

The great thing about the society we live in these days is the type of technology at our fingertips. You don’t need to leave your house to buy a great facial mask. By clicking a few buttons, you can buy Australian made face cleansers online with ease.

Keeping your skin clean is essential. With dirt comes pimples and with pimples comes frowns. Using a good facial scrub, cleanser, and mask all work to get deep into the skin so you can wash away all the germs you acquire throughout the day.

This facial cleanser is designed to be left on the skin as a mask. Some people sleep over night with it and wash it off the following morning in the shower. Your face will feel naturally refreshed and smooth when you wash it off.

The label on the jar says 250g, but being the generous man that i am, I like to give people more than they ask. The jars are usually more than 250g.

Massage and it’s Benefits

We all know massage just “feels good”, but did you know that there is medical evidence that suggests that massage actually helps in many ways? For a start massage is very good for relieving head aches, it can relieve high blood pressure, increase joint flexibility, all-round sports performance, ADHD, of course insomnia, blood circulation, concentration, lymph drainage, memory, chronic or back pain, diabetes, depression/anxiety/fatigue, arthritis (through increased blood circulation) and posture.

Are you wanting to rid yourself of headaches, sore back, aches and pains and circulation problems? Then massage is just what you need! If you are looking for a remedial or relaxation massage in the Cranbourne area, come and see me and I’ll do my best to look after you with the treatment that will put you on the road to recovery. Ask about the loyalty program.

As a remedial therapist, I will design a therapy session especially designed for you and your needs. For new clients, your second massage is half price. Ask about the loyalty program and bring your own CD, if you like.

VIP program – Buy 5 and get 1 free. If you come for 1 hour, it costs $80, but the 6th one is FREE. If you work it out, it’s only $66 for an hour. If you buy a gift voucher for someone, I’ll ad that onto your score too; the more you spend, the more you save.