1 word from God = LIGHT!

The Word & The Spirit


Words are Process Starters

Words are the deciding witness, the controlling factor, the rudder on our ship, the kindling that starts the fire (James 3:2-10). Even in the beginning of our time on earth words were the process starter. God said and it was so. Adam said and the animals were named. The bible is about words used by


Hello, My name is Jim Zarlengo. I am sure you have read about me at least a few times, even if it was an indirect reference. My Best Friend Forever, my wonderful wife, my ministry partner, the best thing that ever happened to me has passed and gone home to heaven. I am heartbroken, and

Trust the Father

Psalm 139:1-6 You have searched me, Lord, and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely. You hem me in behind and before, and


A.J. Fuller

Pastor Jim, When I met you, I was getting prepared to carry out a 2 year sentence at a community correction center. How many wonderful blessings have occurred for our family since. Because the grace of the Lord and his mercy I was shown favor throughout that ordeal. The blessings of your ministry have taught me that God does want us to walk in the fullness of his promises and you have shown me that he has many promises throughout the Bible. I never have fellowshipped  with men like we have done through your ministry really digging deep to the Bible, cross-referencing items has shown me how to better understanding and read the Bible and also that there is still an immense amount  I don’t know and wisdom to be gained. The power of the Light of God has brought me through this journey. Thank you so much for all your prayers and wisdom along the way. Now that season has come to an end, I am looking forward to focus on expanding my relationship with The Lord, Family, and Friends. Thank you again for all you have done for my family & I. With Love and Sincere Gratitude,


Marcus Diaz

Thanks Elder Jim for the monthly bible study. It has really helped my Christian walk and understanding of what God has for me and my family . I look forward to the next meeting and your teachings . God Bless you and your wife ..


Erwin L. Nesby

Good morning Jim, The  “one word” God has given me during our 1 Word =Light Bible Study is “release”. I’ve known for many, many years now that we must learn to forgive. But recently God showed me the power in releasing my uncle. God. placed on my heart that I needed to “release” my uncle, and go to his funeral and speak the positive things that I remember about him. I decided that, that’s what I would do. God blessed me with money to go. On my way to Arkansas I got a call from my former employer, and they wanted me to come back to work for them. I’m now making more than I was before I lost my job. God has really opened my eyes so I can see  the blessings that can come with forgiving and releasing. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share my testimony.   Thank you Jesus


Bro. Phil Carter

Jim,  my testimony is that sometimes I dragged myself, burdened to the 1Word =Light Bible Study.  But each time I received strength, encouragement, and peace from on high.  I have come burdened and left unburdened.  I just can’t remember a time when I didn’t get some revelation from our study time together.  I know that I know that God put it on your heart to invite me because he knew that I would need him.   I thank you Jim, and I thank God for his ministry through you.  Amen Your servant in Arms,


Tom W Lacey

A quick testimony about One Word from God Bible study: Originally I attended more due to being invited than feeling a need to go, at the time, especially since Saturday morning, time can be so valuable to most working people. But, as I began attending I feel the presence around these men of God I realize how serious these everyday people are about God to take off time also on Saturdays for these couple of hours. It is a lot of anointing and blessing compacted into a very short amount of time and for about the last few times I have felt more encouraged and fired up at least for a few days (which means I must continually dwell on God on my own once the new week starts as the distractions of everyday life seep back in.) One major thing I am learning thru you is about the importance of speaking scripture – the reality that this is not just biblical writing but these are promises of God and God’s word does not go void. Just like I mentioned the other week about how when you realize that God Is Always Right – also his word is absolutely true and if a person can just grasp that, especially myself as I am working on it. Also, the opportunities which I have feared about speaking in front of people when I feel I don’t have the proper training have been a worthy challenge because then I realize I have to rely on God for the right word’s to say or not to say. And, I have also met a core of people in our Church I would not have normally gotten to know and it is great to know that they are serious about their commitment to the Lord and not just playing church. I could go on but I will stop right here. Sincerely,


Anthony Young

This bible study has become a priority in my life.  Brother Zarlengo’s teachings have opened my eyes in a mighty spiritual way. I’m encouraged to receive and I can feel encouragement to teach. It’s prompted me to slow down and meditate on God’s words. Brother Zarlengo has given me a double portion that has taken my understanding to unbelievable heights.  As a result of this blessing I’m confident when I yield to the Holy Spirit to bless my wife.  This is how partnership exchange should work!  As brother Zarlengos prayers go up may the blessings continue to pour down in the matchless name of Jesus!