Poly-plastic vs. Craft Glitter

Is there a difference between Poly-plastic glitter and Craft Glitter? 
What is the difference between Poly-plastic glitter and Craft Glitter?

YES!!!! There is a HUGE difference.

Poly-plastic (PET) glitter is more durable and lasts longer. Made from polyester fabric film (which has  a plastic base within the fiber), Poly-plastic glitter can be used on all kinds of things, both indoors and outdoors. Poly-plastic glitter can be subjected to continuous UV light and very high temperatures (350°), without losing its shine, melting or degrading over time.  Poly-plastic glitter is generally speaking, more expensive due to its long lasting viability.

Craft glitter is primarily used for indoor crafting or providing short lasting sparkle (i.e. birthday party, wedding, etc). Craft glitter is made of cellophane film with a thin PVC base. Craft glitter cannot be exposed to UV and high temps and after about a year, craft glitter will lose it’s shine and become a “matted” version of the original creation. Craft glitter is typically less expensive but you are getting what you pay for. If you are looking for long-lasting, durable glitter, craft glitter would not be recommended.

All of our glitter, at Glitter Designs by 2, is poly-plastic (PET) glitter. It is solvent-resistant and non-toxic. All of our glitters conform to all safety standards in the United States. This glitter is not edible and should not be consumed.