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Welcome to Endeavor Programs

Hello and welcome to Endeavor Programs!

What happens when a student’s preparation for college is not enough? Worse, what happens when students don’t turn in writing assignments in high school – all because they aren't confident with their writing?

Endeavors Programs was founded upon the understanding that all students learn differently, and that writing matters. While the differences are there, opportunities should not be reserved for a select few.

Working with Endeavor Programs isn't just a lesson that takes weeks to develop, you're gaining knowledge to be put to use immediately. Knowledge gained helps in school – and in all areas of academics, career and personal advancement.

The Endeavor Programs focus:

  • Qualified Writing
  • Presentation Confidence
  • Technology Tools

From this writing, presentation and technology focus, students become more compelling contenders for opportunities available through:

  • Personal Statement development for college & scholarship
  • Scholarship resources references
  • Community service references for college & career applications
  • Career technical education proficiency

Endeavor Programs packages the individual, and doesn't just focus on limited development. From our streamlined involvement with your high school or college student, Endeavor Programs is "Academics to Advancement."

Simon Peter Moore, Founder

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There is never only one way to improve oneself

There are many options to increase your marketability

Those who have embarked upon Endeavor Programs

Different experiences, similar success stories

Graduation is only part of the journey to accomplishment!

Scott Stabolito
The program allowed me to realize that I can write and present, and that college wasn't just a possibility, but a necessity that I will see through to completion. Now, in college, I just keep getting better! -Scott Stabolito
Nathaniel Tyler
Throughout high school, I hated writing and would just pass with D's. Since Endeavor Programs, my lowest grades on essays are B's - but mostly A's.

-Nathaniel Tyler

Public speaking? Talking in front of groups? Not me! From the techniques I learned, I went from shy, to a state medalist, and on to compete in national competition.


Find the program that's right for you!

The longest journey starts with the first step.

From Saturday Sessions, Fall & Spring Weekend Workshops, Summer Programs, and CPR & First-Aid certification to consulting, your journey starts with Endeavor Programs!


The best options in only one week

Some of the best reasons to attend Endeavor Programs


  • Q: What’s the most important reason to participate in an EP?
  • A: While students work hard in high school, unfortunately, many lack the writing expression to be successful in high school, much less college. EP provides a solid writing structure, so students can “write their way out of high school,” and into college & scholarships.



  • Q: Besides college prep, how does EP help students?
  • A: Some students may qualify for college, but still need to be accepted. The hindrance: A meaningful personal statement. EP’s specialty is to focus on the personal statement, to package the student for college consideration.



  • Q: College is expensive. How can EP extend past high school, and help with scholarships?
  • A: EP’s personal statement focus is just the right foundation for scholarship consideration. Millions of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed each year. The reason? The essay. EP’s specific focus on the scholarship not only serves the purpose of college acceptance, but the format extends likewise to scholarships.


  • Why EP?
  • A: EP is simple and focused - not diluted by dozens of confusing programs that don’t sufficiently prepare the student for the “next level.”


  • Q: How does EP establish the college environment, while providing quality instruction?
  • A: Students are coached and mentored by current UCLA students and other college-level youth who serve as academic coaches and mentors to orient participants into college-level writing, public speaking and the college life.


  • Q: How is EP different from other programs?
  • A: Participants are trained by credentialed teachers with minimum Master’s degrees.
    • Small sessions.
    • Limited to writing, public speaking & technology - 3 of the most critical skills needed in college.
    • Specific writing to elevate success in high school and college. This isn’t just “creative writing,” it’s a foundational structure with rhyme, so students always remember how to write and present.


  • Q: What’s the importance of EP?
  • A: Tens of thousands of students apply to college and are rejected mainly from an ineffective personal statement.
  • A: Additionally, once accepted, students still need scholarships.


  • Q: How can I afford the program? Are there financing options?
  • A: For a $200 savings, tuition can be paid in-full, if by July 1st.
  • A: For $200 savings, participants who refer other students - also receive the discount, if by July 1st.
  • A: Parents can use their own finance company.
  • A: Parents can use PayPal finance, and not be charged finance charge for 6 months (OAC).
  • A: Parents can make payments to Endeavor Programs. With an initial $500 deposit, the balance can be paid up to July 15th.


  • Q: Why pay for a summer program, when school should be enough?
  • A: On college applications, many parents are unaware of the numerous categories students must complete. These categories go far above and beyond grades, AP classes and sports.
  • A: When your child has an empty line on the application, others - who list an item, may be chosen over your child. Check into any college application to see the requirements for admission.
  • Endeavor Programs works with all students to structure their writing in compelling, directed ways that catch the attention of teachers in high school, colleges on the application, and scholarships for funding.


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